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dSocialCommons Voices : a series of discussions relating to the goals of designing a durable protocol for public conversation and driving adoption of decentralized technologies. Listen to past episodes and see upcoming events below. Suggestions welcome.
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Who am I anyway?

CV#1 After Party Q&A
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Who's got my Data?

CV#2 After Party Q&A
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Blockchain Incentivized Storage

CV#3 After Party Q&A

Get Out Of My Feed! - Reputation &Moderation

CV#4 After Party Q&A

Decentralized User Experience

CV#5 After Party Q&A

Interoperable Formats

CV#6 After Party Q&A

Upcoming Events (topics subject to change):

dSocialCommons Voices produced by Robert Schwentker, Golda Velez, Manasi Vora, and many other contributors